Session #1: Struggling to Surrender


Doubt and the Quest for Certainty

The secular age has shifted focus from the after-life to the worldly-life which not only resulted in a general decline in the belief in God but also led to the normalization and acceptance of doubt. Join us as we tackle these struggles and examine some methods that can be employed to reclaim certainty as articulated in the Quran.

by Sh. Omar Suleiman


Life without God – The Implications of Atheism

Theistic religions believe in the existence of God who they consider to be the source of morality and ethics, guiding the lives of its practitioners. The atheistic worldview in contrast denies the existence of any transcendental being and advance an understanding of the universe relying primarily on its material existence. What are specific implications and limitations of this materialistic worldview? And can we even understand morality when it’s untethered to a transcendent source?

By Imam Mohamed AbuTaleb


Longing for the Divine

In our natural disposition (fitra), we share a strong urge to connect with the Divine and experience an aching emptiness when that connection is lacking. To fill up that void, we frequently seek comfort in worldly distractions and attachments, only to realize that everything earthly is in fact fleeting and diminishing. Join us as we explore how to remove potential distractions from our path to God and nurture a lasting connection with the Divine.

By Sh. Abdul Nasir Jangda

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